Algebraic and Kähler Geometry Workshop 2018

A one week workshop will be organized from May 14 to May 18 2018 at Institut Fourier, in complex algebraic and analytic geometry.

More specific themes include: structure theorems for algebraic varieties, geometry of vector bundles, vanishing theorems, Kähler geometry, special metrics, entire functions, holomorphic foliations, hyperbolic varieties.

There will be 20-22 talks of 50 minutes. A social dinner will be organized on Wednesday May 16 evening, after a short visit of the old part of Grenoble city. We will try to find comfortable accommodation in the close surroundings of Institut Fourier (one possibility being Hotel Comfort Suites in Saint-Martin d'Hères).

Interested colleagues are invited to register on this web site before April 15 2018, once they have created their login and credentials. In case of any problem, please send a message to <>




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